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Miss Heyburn

Year 1 and 2 is taught by Miss H and supported by Mrs Polley, Mrs Hambling and Mrs White.


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Class Blog
Spring 2:
The children have had an extremely busy half term! For English, the children started by writing some setting descriptions based on Lila and the Secret of Rain. The children worked hard to think about the impact their words had on the reader and used exciting vocabulary and adjectives to create a visual description. 

The children also wrote letters to Mrs Jackson to convince her to let us have a school pet. 

The children really enjoyed their history unit of how travel and transport has changed over time. They learnt about early forms of travel, compared them to today and ordered them chronologically. The unit was finished off brilliantly with a trip to Ipswich Transport Museum. 




In maths, the year 2 children have enjoyed there unit on fractions and the year 1 children did some brilliant weighing and measuring. Here are some pictures of what they got up to!

The children are really creative and were enthusiastic in their 3D art unit. They were inspired by Aboriginal art and made their own digeridoos. They also developed their clay skills creating 3D art in response to stories. 

The year 2 children enjoyed their weekly yoga session. They agreed that it made them feel mindful and calm. Some of the positions were really tricky but they gave them a great go!

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Spring 1:
When reflecting on their half term, the children said their favourite thing they had learnt was 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark'. They learnt the story by heart and wrote their own stories inspired by the book. Additionally in their English lessons, they learnt about Arctic animals and wrote non-chronological reports and finished off the term with some fantastic poems. 


The children learnt about hot and cold places around the world. They learnt about the different climate zones (including their position on a map) and the typical features in each. They learnt about the animals and plants that would be found in each climate zone but also adaptations and how some people in the zones might choose to live. The children made some brilliant triaramas and enjoyed an interactive rainforest experience. The thing they enjoyed most of all though, had to be singing the continents song!

In DT, the children learnt how to make a healthy snack in the form of dips and dippers. They explored existing products, learnt about a balanced diet then designed and created their own dip and dipper combination. It was brilliant to see the children's bravery trying new food and their excitement when trying their designs. They were extremely reflective when evaluating their dips.


In RE, the children learnt about Pentecost. They retold the story and thought about the feelings that Jesus' disciples may have felt around this time.

The children did some amazing compositions in music. Their pieces had four beats in the bar and the children thought carefully about where they wanted to put their beats and notes. Some children also used different heights to show the different pitches. The children used glockenspiels and technology to play their compositions to see what they sounded like.  
Autumn 2:
The children have had a really busy half term in school. In English, the children wrote character descriptions inspired by Spy Fox. They learnt all about adjectives and produced some lovely writing describing Dr Hammer. They wrote persuasive letters to the local MP asking to improve the safety around our school and they are eagerly waiting the response. Continuing on with a persuasive theme, the children wrote persuasive texts encouraging people to leave out carrots for reindeer. They didn't think it was fair that Santa was given lots of mince pies but people were forgetting the creatures that made Santa's journey possible. The children were very convincing and we're hoping it encouraged more people than usual to leave carrots out! Finally, the children wrote animal poems which we used to turn into a class poetry book. 

The children in Emerald and Ruby class rehearsed and performed their nativity. Everyone worked hard to learn the songs and practise their lines and it was worth it because they were incredible. 

Emerald class' topic in geography was London and the children loved it! They learnt about where London was in England, the different landmarks, geographical features, navigated around maps and planned an imaginary trip to London. 

The children created some Christmas stockings in DT. They looked at existing stockings to find out what they liked, designed their own and then created it. They learnt how to do a running stitch and created a border in binca. They then decorated the front of their stocking using their plan as a guide and everyone was pleased with the result. 

Autumn 1
In English, the children learnt the story of the Enormous Turnip. They then planned and wrote their own version of the story using a vegetable and characters of their choice. For the second part of the half term, the children learnt about how to write instructions. The children had the opportunity to make rice crispy cakes for McMillan coffee morning so this gave them a great real-life example of following instructions. They then applied what they had learnt to design and write instructions on how to make a sandwich of their choice. 

The children have developed their knowledge of place value in maths and began to explore addition. Year 1 can recognise lots of numbers which they can represent in a variety of ways. I have been really proud of how the year 2 children have been developing strategies to add numbers more quickly. The children really enjoyed their maths across the curriculum day PE lesson where they recognised numbers, used their times tables, found more and less and ordered numbers. 

In RE, the children enjoyed learning about Christian belonging in the context of baptism. They explored what baptism is including what typically happens both during a baptism service and after. They thought about Christian symbolism and what gifts would help a child on their Christian journey. 

The children have really enjoyed their history learning on the Great Fire of London this half term and it has been brilliant to see their excitement when sharing their knowledge about the subject. They learnt that historians often only have a fragment of information to work with and use clues from sources to find out what happened in the past. The children acted as historians to look at clues to find out where and when the fire took place. They developed their knowledge of chronology by ordering the events on a timeline. The children made some brilliant Tudor houses which they were very excited to burn down on the playground. This gave us the opportunity to discuss why the Fire of London spread so quickly. The children learnt this was due to the closeness of houses and streets, the materials the houses were made from and the difficulty faced putting out fires. They looked at the fire equipment from the time and compared it with what we have nowadays. The children then thought about the impact the fire had on London and how it recovered. They discussed positive changes to come from the fire and how London was rebuilt. Finally, the children looked at sources including eye-witness accounts and thought about how to decide if a source is relevant to questions asked. 

I have been really impressed with the children's music this half term. They have been using musical vocabulary to discuss different pieces of music. They have been great at talking about what instruments they can hear and how many beats there are in a bar. The year 2s have linked this to their knowledge of a waltz from last year. The children have sang beautifully but also developed their skills in composition writing. They worked together to create a graphic score with the theme of going to the supermarket. They then performed this using a range of untuned percussion instruments. The children have also explored using rhythm grids and have independently created their own grids which they have performed in the outside provision.  
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