The School Day

A general school day, for all children, follows the timetable below. There are days that differ from this, where special days, assemblies, events or workshops may be planned in. 

8:45    School gates open

8:50    Bell rings for start of the school day

9:00    Lessons begin

10:30  Assembly

10:45  Morning break

11:00  End of break - Lessons continue

11:50  Reception's lunchtime

12:00  Class 2's lunchtime

12:05  Class 3's lunchtime

12:10  Class 4's lunchtime

13:15  Lunchtime ends

14:15  KS1 Afternoon break

14:20  KS2 Afternoon break

14:30  End of afternoon break

15:30  End of school day

Ruby Class
Weekly Timetable