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Sapphire Class is the year 3/4 class and is taught by Mr Kricka. Mrs Beckett teaches Computing and P.E.
We are supported by Mrs Davies.

Our Learning 

Spring 1 2023

In English this half term, the children read stories in familiar settings written by Francesca Simon. They then planned and wrote a Horrid Henry inspired story based on character they had invented after meeting some of Henry's friends.

As part of their History learning , the children also read and watched a recount of life as an Egyptian slave. The discovered what life would have been like and wrote a diary entry detailing the thoughts and feelings of a worker. After this the children found out about Howard Carter's famous discovery in 1922 and wrote diary entries detailing this. 

In science the children discovered the three states of matter and conducted a range of practical investigations to demonstrate changes in state. They observed different coloured ice melting  to create a new coloured water. They also created puddles and observed evaporation thought the day. Finally, they made rain of the own and discovered the role that evaporation and condensation played in the water  cycle and discussed the question; What if water didn't evaporate? 

In design technology this half term, the children took part in the Great Bread Bake-Off. They analysed existing bread products and evaluated their taste, texture and colour. Then they began to create the design criteria based other research. They tasted a range of added ingredients before deciding on a final design which had to be an appealing shape and use added ingredients. The judges were very impressed with the results: 



Autumn 2 2022

This term in English, the children wrote newspaper articles based on The Lighthouse. They had to become reporters and interview the keeper and the local villagers as well as the ship's crew. They produced so excellent work in their final pieces based on Pigeon Impossible which you can see below: 





In History this half term the children learned about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We had a visit from a Stone Age man called Ugg and he took us on a journey through time where the children could see how people lived and how they evolved to become better hunters. 

In Science this half term the children learned about teeth and the digestive system.  They investigated tooth decay using egg shells and observed the effects of sugary drinks on your tooth enamel. 


In R.E., the children have been learning about Islam. They had a virtual tour of a mosque and were able to recreate their own model mosque to show what was inside.