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Bumper Challenge

Congratulations to the children who attended the Children’s University Graduation evening on 14th July at Suffolk One.


Ten of our children had earned enough hours to Graduate from the Children’s University this year with Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates.


It was a lovely evening for the children and their parents who came to watch.


We will be continuing with the Children’s University again this school year with another graduation in the summer term.

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Did you know that children spend only 9% of their waking time between the ages of 5 and 18 in a classroom?


It’s a surprising statistic!


Our school is a member of the Suffolk Children’s University and Debbie Bennett, who runs the Children’s University in Suffolk came into school to talk to the children about Children’s University today.


What is the Children’s University? 

Children’s University is a learning programme, without tests or exams, which happens outside of the school day: after school, weekends and school holidays.


All children who decide to join the Children’s University have an individually numbered ‘Passport to Learning’ in which they can collect stamps and stickers to show the number of hours of learning they have achieved through taking part in Children’s University learning.   Children will be able to collect learning stamps for their involvement with after school clubs and activities and through participation in a great number of activities happening in the local community, many of which the children are already taking part in through their membership of different groups, clubs and teams.


Taking part in fun learning experiences helps children to become more inquisitive, more confident and more independent children/learners.  It’s about enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all. 


Celebrating achievement is important and children are working towards National Children’s University Awards which will be presented at a CU Graduation Ceremony, which for our school will take place on 29th June 2020 at Suffolk One.  This means that there is plenty of time for the children to work to their first Children’s University Award.  CU Awards are presented for 30, 65 and 100 hours of learning leading to the highest award for 1,000 hours.


Whilst the school has a Membership of the Children’s University, there is a cost associated with the purchase of the Passport to Learning of £5.00.  In joining the Children’s University your child will receive:


  • A Passport to Learning and their CU Learner Membership Pack. They will be able to start collecting Learning Stamps in their Passports at our after-school clubs and activities immediately.   

  • If your children attend a club or activity outside of school and they would like to be able to collect Learning Credits in their Passport to Learning, you can collect some information to hand to them from the school office.

  • You can find further information on their website

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