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Mrs D Jackson - Headteacher

Maths and MFL, Pupil Premium, Assessment and Collective Worship Coordinator.  Personal Development Team. Designated Safeguarding Lead.



Mrs N Frolish

Teaching Staff 

Mrs V Greenwood - Reception (Ruby class) teacher (Mon - Weds).

PSHE Coordinator and School Council.  Personal Development Team

Mrs L Death (Senior Teacher) - Reception (Ruby class) teacher (Weds - Fri). EYFS and KS1 Lead

RE Coordinator, Faith Council and Outdoor Learning.  Personal Development Team

Miss B Heyburn - Years 1 and 2 (Emerald class) teacher.

Music, Art and DT Coordinator

Mr N Kricka - Years 3 and 4 (Sapphire class) teacher. 

English Coordinator. Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Miss J Self (Senior Teacher)- Years 5 and 6 (Diamond Class) teacher.  KS2 Lead

History, Geography and Science Coordinator

Support Staff 

Mrs R Hambling - Learning Support Assistant in Emerald and Ruby class. 


Mrs L Beckett De Banks - Learning Support Assistant in Diamond class.

HLTA, Website, E-safety and Computing Coordinator, PE and Games Mark Coordinator, Gym Trail.

Mrs S De Banks - Learning Support Assistant in Diamond Class.

SEN 1:1

Mrs L White - Learning Support Assistant EYFS & KS1

SEN 1:1, Resources and Library Coordinator

Mrs C Polley - Leaning Support Assistant KS1

SEN 1:1

Mrs Davies - Learning Support Assistant in Sapphire class. 

Resources and Library Coordinator

Dr C Velloso Langton - Learning Support Assistant in Sapphire Class.

Mrs S Knuckey - ELSA




Office Team

Sally Gooderham - Office Manager

Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead

Julia van den Brink-Budgen - Office Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors 

Mrs S De Banks

Mrs  C Polley

Dr C Velloso Langton

Mrs D Brugnoli

Breakfast and Afterschool Club 

Ms J Fletcher 

Dr C Velloso Langton

Mrs D Brugnoli

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