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MFL Curriculum

Overview of Teaching and Learning in MFL




of Knowledge, Skills and Vocabulary

Spring 2023: Une famille de superhéros!

This term in our French lessons, Key Stage 2 are learning about a family of superheroes! We will learn the vocabulary for members of the family, build sentences to describe and name them, including describing them in the third person, using negative expressions and a range of conjunctions to build even longer sentences. 

MFL Afternoon 2022

On Monday 21st November, the whole school set off on a journey around the world for an MFL afternoon, which took the children to four different countries with their buddy. In promoting awareness of different modern foreign languages and cultures, children could appreciate the enjoyment and importance of learning another language whilst making sunflowers in Ukraine, lanterns in China, pizzas in Italy and finding out about a francophone country, Benin.


Northgate High School Language Link

Pupils from Northgate High School kindly offered to share some Christmas stories with Emerald and Sapphire Classes. These stories were read by children for whom English was not their first language. They shared with the children how many languages they could speak and then read in either English or Romanian.




Christmas Around The World

This week we have been looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The children spend the afternoon travelling from classroom to classroom with their buddies experiencing customs, language and songs from Sweden, Japan,  Mexico and The Philippines.








Autumn Term 2021


This term in our French lessons, we are learning about different places to visit. We are learning the vocabulary for place nouns, how to express our opinions about different places and to describe them using a range of adjectives. We are also learning to ask others about their preferences and how to report their opinions, as well as our own.

How many places can you recognise in this song? Can you guess any new vocabulary?

In addition to our termly topic focus, we continue learning some key areas of vocabulary throughout the year. These include greetings, colours, numbers, age, days and dates, weather, classroom vocabulary and time. Please try visiting the websites below to practice these areas or try something new!

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