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Sapphire Class is the year 3/4 class and is taught by Mr Kricka. Mrs Beckett teaches Computing and P.E.
We are supported by Mrs Davies.

Autumn 1

In English this half term the children read different versions of 'The Princess and The Pea' and then wrote their own fairytale inspired by the story. Lots of children changed the setting to outer space or under the sea and some even swapped the storm for volcanic eruptions. Read some of their stories in the gallery above.


In Maths, the children have been learning about number up to 10,000 they were able to practise ordering and comparing them. Year 4 also learned about Roman numerals and even taught year 3 all about them for our Maths Across the Curriculum Week. 


In Art, the children designed and cast 3d moulds in the shape of a shoe. They decided on the style of shoe and then decorated them and embellished them. Some children made sliders and others made a dance shoe. See the final pieces the gallery.


In History, the children learned about the Romans. They found out the key dates for when they invaded Britain. They discovered what life was like before, during and after Roman Britain. We visited Colchester Castle to find out about Boudica's revolt, crawled through the Roman ruins of Claudius's temple and held a 2000 year old piece of pottery. 

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