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Ruby Class is our Early Years Foundation Stage class and is taught by Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Death.


We are supported by Mrs White and Mrs Hambling.

Our EYFS curriculum is strongly influenced by our curriculum drivers: community, communication, opportunities and possibilities and initiative, where the outcome is a cohort of happy, independent, confident and determined learners who are able to communicate effectively, have the ability to think critically, enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas with others and believe that anything is achievable.  The children within our early years provision learn through a range of child initiated play-based opportunities as well as child-led, adult led and independent learning opportunities.

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Welcome to a new academic year in EYFS at Hintlesham and Chattisham CofE Primary School.  We cannot wait to share all of our learning and adventures with you...

Spring Term 2-Once Upon a Time, Spring and Easter


This week we are enjoying reading traditional tales-we found out that traditional tales are stories that have been around for a long time and that lots of people know them.  We started the week by reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  We talked about the different reasons we might need to say sorry and then wrote a speech bubble for Goldilocks.  The children also created some super pictures of the bears in the creative area.


We then read the story 'The Gingerbread Man' and had fun creating our own Gingerbread characters and writing an alternative ending to the story.


We have also shared lots of other traditional tales during our story times this week-Cinderella, The Little Red Hen, The 3 Billy Goat's Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood.

We LOVED sharing our maths learning with our parents in our maths café this week-thank you to everyone who was able to attend 😊


Our 'Follow me Friday' session was led by A this week, who is curious about hedgehogs.  A told us that hedgehogs are small animals that have lots of spikes, can curl into a ball and live in the garden.  We enjoyed finding out some more information about them together such as they have between 5000 and 6000 spines when they are fully grown, they like to eat slugs, snails, beetles, earwigs, worms and caterpillars, their biggest predator are dogs and foxes, a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet, they are actually lactose intolerant, they can't see very well, they hibernate between November and March and that they are nocturnal.  A then helped her friends to create a clay hedgehog with spaghetti spines and to paint a picture of a hedgehog.  The children then had to share a fact they had learned to earn their lunch!


This week we have been celebrating British Science Week and have all enjoyed taking part in different science activities...

Happy Smells 

We started by smelling a flower and thought about how it made us feel/what is made us think of.  We then had a lovely discussion about smells that make us feel happy.  Next, we tried to guess some 'secret smells' and decided which one was our favourite and why.  We created a block graph of our favourite smells and wrote some super sentences too.


Wildlife Faces

We each had a photo of half of an animals/insects face and then had to find the other half from a selection.  We then had to name our animal and find someone with an animal that had a similarity and then a difference.  We did lots of comparing and contrasting before finding out some interesting facts about our animal/insect.  We were excited to discover that we are likely to see all of the animals we found out about in and around Hintlesham-hedgehog, deer, field mouse, tortoiseshell butterfly, blue chalkhill butterfly, barn owl, long-eared owl, short-eared owl, little owl, fox, robin and badger.


We were all super brave in our Science Week assembly to parents.  We talked about our Science Week activities and even read out our sentences about our favourite smell-everyone was very impressed!

We have LOVED learning about doubles in maths this week and are getting very fast at showing doubles on our fingers.  Look at our super doubling butterflies...


We have also thought about how lucky we are to have such lovely mums and made them all a lovely dandelion Mother's Day card.  We also included a special message about why we are thankful for them.

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This week has been all about the prehistoric animal brigade!  We have had a great time learning about all the different types of dinosaurs-from the t-rex to the pachycephalosaurs!   

We listened to the story 'The Girl and the Dinosaur' by Hollie Hughes and thought about the questions: 'can dinosaur bones really come to life?'  and 'did people and dinosaurs live at the same time?'  

We also learned about the fossil hunter, Mary Anning and made our own fossils. 

We discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts and created our own dinosaur information book to go into our school library.

In maths, we have been learning to name 3D shapes and talk about their properties.  We enjoyed testing the different shapes to see if they would slide or roll down the ramp.


'Follow me Friday'

Wow-what a 'follow me Friday' session we have had today (thank you A's mummy for all of your help with this one). A is curious about hydraulics and brought in his amazing crawling caterpillar and magic painting machine-both powered by hydraulics. The chi