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Ruby Class is our Reception class and is taught by

Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Death 




We are supported by Mrs Knuckey at the start of each morning.  Mrs Rouse teaches us on Wednesday afternoons.

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Our EYFS curriculum is strongly influenced by our curriculum drivers: community, communication, opportunities and possibilities and initiative, where the outcome is a cohort of happy, independent, confident and determined learners who are able to communicate effectively, have the ability to think critically, enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas with others and believe that anything is achievable.  The children within our early years provision learn through a range of child initiated play-based opportunities as well as child-led, adult led and independent learning opportunities.


Curriculum Newsletter

Spring Term 1

January 2022

Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn Term 2

November 2021


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If you are a parent or pupil of Ruby Class, you can log in to TAPESTRY to view your child's online learning journey.  Click on the icon to log in.

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Look at some of the exciting things we have been learning...

Spring Term 1- Superheroes and People Who Help Us


We started our week by setting some goals for 2022.  The children thought about things they want to do more of or things they want to get better at. We then made New Year wishing wands and waved our magic wands to make our wishes come true.


This week we have enjoyed finding out about the season of winter.  We talked about the different types of weather we see in the winter time and practiced our cutting skills by making snowflakes.  We discussed what types of clothes we need to wear to keep warm and the children painted some fantastic pictures of them dressed for winter and dressed for summer and made comparisons.  We used one of our Fred finger spelling sessions to write labels for our paintings.  We also talked about animals and hibernation, birds and how we can help them and what changes we see to the trees in winter.

In maths we have been learning to compare quantities using the language 'more than', 'fewer than' and 'the same amount'.  We are gettng really good at subitising too!


We are learning lots of new skills in our badminton sessions.


Our 'follow me Friday' session was chosen by O who is curious about caterpillars.

She told us all about the life cycle of a butterfly 🦋…”a butterfly lays some eggs, caterpillars come out, they spin a home and turn into a butterfly”.

We then watched a video which taught us some new information. We learned that the first thing a caterpillar does when it comes out of the egg is eat the shell, that the caterpillar stops eating when it is full, when the caterpillar is inside the cocoon it is called a pupa, it stays in the cocoon for 15 days and when the butterfly comes out it’s wings are wet and it can’t fly for about an hour.

O then explained her activity-creating a model of a caterpillar on a leaf. She gave very clear instructions and all of the children had a great time painting, making and cutting.

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It is great to be back at school!  The children came in on Wednesday with big smiles on their faces and enjoyed sharing all of their Christmas adventures with each other.  

In maths we have enjoyed learning about the number 0.  We began our new RE unit 'How do we help others when they need it?' by talking about the qualities of a superhero and discussing the hero in the story 'The Snail and the Whale'.  We agreed that we can all be helpful superheroes and will be working together to spot acts of helpfulness over the coming weeks.  This term sees the return of our 'follow me Friday' session and this week we followed Mrs Death's curiosity about rainbows.  We learned lots of new facts such as a rainbow is actually a circle so has no end and that we all see a slightly different rainbow depending on which raindrops we see it through.  We then enjoyed making our own rainbow using Skittles and hot water.


Autumn Term 2-Celebrations and Festivals-A World of Colour


Our Christmas celebrations continued and this week we have enjoyed making our own Christmas crackers, baking Christmas brownies and making chocolate Christmas tree lollipops to go on top and creating cork Christmas tree decorations for our buddies.  We also made our own Christingles and held a service in the hall with the rest of the school.  The Christingles looked magical when we turned out the lights.  We finished the week dancing, laughing and eating at our Christmas party with Emerald Class.  Merry Christmas everyone-we hope you have a lovely break celebrating with your families. 


Our Christmas celebrations are well and truly underway!  This week we have enjoyed making hats, wearing our Christmas jumpers and having Christmas dinner with our friends.  We loved meeting Father Christmas via Zoom and visiting Santa's workshop in Gym Trail.  We have also practiced, practiced, practiced and performed our Nativity 'We're Going on a Baby Hunt' to the rest of the school and to our families.



"I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man that's me!"  This week we have had a great time exploring the story 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson.


We created Stick Man in a variety of ways.


In maths we have been finding one more and one less than a number.


Christmas Decoration Afternoon

Ruby class enjoyed using the tools to create their very own reindeer friend to hang on the tree.  First they used a saw to cut the wood for the reindeers neck and then they hammered nails into the cork to create the legs.  To complete their reindeers the children added googly eyes and a red nose and gathered some sticks from the garden to form the antlers.  


This week we have enjoyed finding out about the different ways we celebrate birthdays in our families.  We read 'Kipper's Birthday' and discussed the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We thought about birthday wishes for ourselves and others.  We made birthday cupcakes for Ruby Bear and celebrated her birthday in our Wild Woods session.  We wrote invitations and birthday cards and practiced wrapping presents.  We held a fancy dress party in our role play area and sang happy birthday in French!
In Maths we have been finding out about the numbers 4 and 5 and how bigger numbers are made up of smaller numbers.
We have begun our Christmas production rehearsals and are exploring why Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas in our RE sessions.


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100 Greatest Black Britons

Ruby Class were interested to find out about Mary Seacole, a brave nurse who helped soldiers in the Crimean War.  The children painted her portrait, designed her a medal of bravery an explored how she made medicine using plants and herbs.