Wild Woods

This year, our EYFS class spend every Friday afternoon exploring and learning in the Wild Woods with Mrs Leaf.  The other classes have all enjoyed a taster session.

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky."  Margaret McMillan

Finally Diamond Class (Year 5 and 6)  joined Mrs Leaf and Ms Jary in the Wild Woods.  They began their session by creating themselves out of clay and natural materials and attaching them to our big oak tree to show they belong.  They then enjoyed tree climbing, den building, bug hunting, digging, whittling and creating some Hapa Zome artwork.  We finished our session with an ice lolly back at base camp where we reflected on how learning in the Wild Woods made us feel and Year 5 made plans of what they would like to do in our sessions in the future.


To celebrate a wonderful year in the Wild Woods Ruby Class enjoyed a water battle this week.  Mrs Leaf put on her war paint but was completely and utterly defeated by the children who absolutely soaked her! Great fun was had by all.

This week Miss Heyburn showed us how to safely use a bow saw.  We really enjoyed sawing the log to make 'woodies' to play with in the Wild Woods.
We also spent our time building dens, looking for bugs and creating a pterodactyl using natural materials.
We learned how to play an animal identification game before we left the woods.
This week Sapphire Class (Year 3&4) and Mr Cricket (Mr Kricka) spent the afternoon in the Wild Woods.  After establishing our Wild Woods agreements and completing a safety walk, the children had a great time exploring and playing outside, climbing the tree,  building dens and learning how to use hammers and mallets to create some Hapa Zone artwork. 


This week in the Wild Woods we learned about the layers of the woodland with Miss Spider (Miss Self).  We found out there is a ground layer, a field layer, a shrub layer, an understorey and a canopy.  We used the things we found in each layer to create a picture of our woods.
We also enjoyed den building with the new tarps and pegs.



It was fantastic to spend an afternoon in the Wild Woods with Emerald Class (Year 1 and 2) this week.  After establishing our Wild Woods agreements and completing a safety walk, the children had a great time exploring and playing outside and learning how to use hammers and mallets to create some Hapa Zone artwork.


After a couple of weeks away due to events in school and the windy weather and storms we were all really pleased to get back in the Wild Woods.

This week we learned how to safely use hammers and mallets to create some Hapa Zome art work.  We carefully selected leaves and petals that had fallen to the floor and carefully placed them inside a piece of calico before sensibly bashing them to transfer their colours and shapes.

We also found a very large stag beetle and a very green caterpillar!

This week in the Wild Woods we enjoyed some leaf identification, den building, bug hunting and tree climbing.  Some of us chose to create posters of things we might see in the woods too. We also enjoyed eating the cookies we made this morning.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



As it was a VERY windy day today, we decided just to pop down and visit the pond during our Wild Woods time and see if we could find any 'very hungry tadpoles'.  We talked through the safety rules of being around a pond and enjoyed looking for signs of life on top of and in the pond. The children decided that they would like some responsibility of looking after the pond. 





This week in our opening circle we chose our own Wild Woods names after T suggested Mrs Death should be Mrs Leaf when we go to the woods!  The children thought of some fantastic alliterative names linked to nature and the woodland.  They also decided Mrs Knuckey should be Mrs Nut in the woods!

We all enjoyed building dens (remembering how to move the large sticks safely), potion making, bug hunting, leaf spotting and colour matching and building our own camp.






We continued with our dinosaur hunt in the Wild Woods this week although today we think we spied a      T-Rex and an ankylosaurus!

We enjoyed exploring in the sensory garden, climbing, and hanging on the branch of the tree.













This week in our opening circle we thought about our history gem- chronology.  We talked about what the woods looked like in the Autumn and found something that had changed in the Spring.  The children noticed new buds, daffodils, green leaves and taller trees!

Some of the children chose to make their own journey stick and use it as a map for others to follow.

We also had fun den building, making homes for the woodland creatures, playing in the mud kitchen and climbing the tree.  I think we might have even spotted the Gingerbread Man, a roaring dragon and some baby velociraptors in the Wild Woods this week!




24.4.2021  This week we started our Wild Woods session by adding 'treasures' from the ground to our journey stick.  We then enjoyed a sunny afternoon climbing trees, observing the mummy blackbird gather food for her babies, whittling some more willow and playing 'Owl Eyes' as a group.  In our closing circle we used our journey stick to tell a wonderful story.





16.4.2021 This week we found a 'sit spot' and noticed things that were growing in the Wild Woods.  Then Mrs Death taught us how to whittle wood.  We tried whittling different types of wood and discovered that willow is the easiest.  We also had a lovely time playing in the mud kitchen, climbing the tree, bug hunting and digging.