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Wild Woods

This year, our Reception and Year 1 children will spend every Friday afternoon exploring and learning in the Wild Woods with Mrs Leaf, Mrs Polley the Parrot and Mrs Ladybird.  The other classes will all enjoy some sessions later in the year.

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky."  Margaret McMillan

If you go down to the woods today...

Autumn Term 2 2022


This week in the Wild Woods we have continued making elder beads and threading them onto a piece of string.  Lots of us also finalised our Wild Woods name and decorated our name cookie to add to our necklace. 

Following on from the children's interest in balancing last week, Mrs Leaf found some planks of wood for the children to use-they worked together to create a super obstacle course and had lots of fun completing challenges that they came up with.

Elsewhere in the woods, there was lots of climbing, swinging and cooking in the mud kitchen.  There was even a worm school!


We’ve had another super afternoon in the Wild Woods. We started this weeks session with a ‘sit spot’ (where we find a special place to sit quietly and think-this week about anyone who has been involved in war or conflict).
We then came together back together at base camp where Mrs Polley the parrot showed us some elder branches and talked to us about elderflowers and elder berries. We found out that elder is a soft wood and that there are lots of things we can make with elder.
This week, Mrs Polley the Parrot taught us how to make elder beads. We enjoyed carefully using the secateurs to cut the wood and then used a stick to push out the middle to make it hollow. We then thread the beads onto some string to make a necklace.
Lots of fun was also had digging, swinging, climbing, cooking, den building and having fun with our friends in the beautiful outdoors.

Autumn Term 1 2022


This afternoon we enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the camping stove to make s’mores. Everyone was very careful and safe around base camp and the stove and really loved our end of half term treat! (no woods next week as it is a PD day).

There was also some SUPER den building, bug and woodland treasure hunting, cooking, swinging and climbing going on as well!

I am so proud of how well the children behave, learn and play in the woods-it really is a very lovely place to be!