School Policies

Acceptable Use Policy (Adult)

E Safety and Filtering Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (Child)

Equalities and Accessibility


Admissions Policy 2020-21

Exclusions Policy

Admissions Policy 2021-22

First Aid Policy

Admissions Policy 2022-23

Health, Safety and Welfare


Admissions In year information

Managing Allegations of Abuse Against Staff

Adverse Weather Policy

Positive Behaviour and Anti-

Bullying Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Positive Behaviour appendix: Social Distancing

Complaints Procedure

Premature Retirement

and Redundancy Policy

Children's Acceptable

Use Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Children with health needs that cannot attend school Policy

Safeguarding Addendum (Covid-19)

Critical Incident and Continuity Plan

Safer Recruitment Policy

Curriculum Policy

SEND Policy

Data Protection Policy

SEND School Offer

Whistleblowing Policy

MAT Policies are available here: 

Data Protection Officer: Katie Handshaw