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Year 1 and 2 is taught by Miss H and supported by Mrs Polley, Mrs Hambling and Mrs White.


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Summer 2 2023

What a brilliant year Emerald class have had!

For English, the children started the half term looking at the book 'Dear Greenpeace'. They learnt what makes a good letter and then wrote letters to the RSPCA asking for advice on an animal of their choice. The children have also written some lovely seaside poems and more recently a brilliant robot story where Bernard the robot loses something and really struggles to get it back. Why not take a read?!

Lots of our learning has taken a beach theme this half term. In history, the children learnt about the seaside. They explored what seaside holidays are like now and compared this with seaside holidays in the past using different historical sources to find out clues. They made pop-up books on seaside holidays past and present and then finished off the unit with a brilliant trip to Felixstowe beach. The children had the best time playing in the sand, looking for rockpools, rolling down the hill and especially eating ice-creams!


The children have learnt about collage in art this half term. They looked at artists for inspiration (Long, Goldsworthy and Heron) and created their own collages. They really thought about contrasting colours, warm and cool tones and the shape their collages would take. They even made some natural collages in the Woods where they thought really carefully about the texture and placement of materials. 
















The children have blown me away in music. When listening to music, they have been able to talk about the instruments, identify rhythms, genres, dynamics, number of beats in the bar and much more. They have listened to a range of music but had a focus on Reggae and Calypso. They have sung beautifully, played glockenspiels following scores and notes and also done some incredible improvisation. Have a listen to some of the things they have done. 

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Glockenspiel playing from a score
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Improvising year 1
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Improvising year 2
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Down by the bay - singing
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Summer 1

Emerald class have had a busy five weeks! In English, the children have been learning how to write a good setting description. They thought about how important it was to include descriptive details so the reader could imagine it more clearly. 









They then learned about diary entries. In Geography, the children had been learning about Grace Darling so wrote a  diary entry about how she rescued people in a shipwreck.'








While learning about Grace Darling, the children explored the seas around the United Kingdom and the cause and impact of waves around the coastlines. 

The children loved their DT unit creating lunchboxes for pirates! They researched what existing products looked like and thought about how effective they would be for pirates. The class developed design criteria then designed their own lunchboxes. They needed to be strong, splash-proof, have a handle and most importantly be appealing to a pirate. The children worked hard using different joining techniques like taping, treasury tags, gluing and stapling to create their lunch boxes. It was really impressive to see them problem solving. 

In science, the children learnt about plants. They looked at what a plant is, the parts of plants, identifying common flowers and trees

and did some growing of their own. They are looking forward to selling their plants at the Strawberry Fayre soon!

The children have also enjoyed their tennis sessions in PE. They have practised their ready positions and grips and were able to rally by the end! They can't wait to do it again next year!

Finally, the children enjoyed a session in the woods on their last day to celebrate the achievements from summer 1 - I'm sure you'll agree they deserved it!

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Spring 2

Another great half term has passed in Emerald class and as always, we are so proud of the people they are and what they achieve every day!

The children had a Safari theme to their learning. In English, they were inspired by the story Meerkat Mail and wrote their own Sunny the meerkat stories. They then researched other African animals and wrote non-chronological reports about them. Here are some examples:


The children learnt about Kenya in Geography. They developed their maths skills by giving and following compass directions. They found out about the culture in Kenya and compared the cities and countryside. 

In computing, the children really enjoyed creating their own Stop Motion videos. They learnt how to take effective photos, wrote scripts, created backdrops and combined their ideas to make animations. They loved it so much that they chose to do extra in their spare time. 

The children had a drawing topic for art. They learnt to develop their pencil skills including: blending, hatching, cross-hatching and stippling. Inspiration is one of our art gems and in this unit, the children were inspired by stories, vocabulary and lastly music. I was really impressed with how they thought about the instrument lines, textures, pulse and dynamics when responding in their art work. The children spoke like professional artists when explaining their artistic choices. 




































In maths, the children have come on such a long way. Year 1 learnt all about space and capacity. They particularly enjoyed exploring with the water in the outside area. The year 2 children have done incredibly well at learning fractions - they have said they will be disappointed when their unit finishes! 

See you in Summer 1!

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Spring 1 2022

Emerald class worked so incredibly hard in Spring 1 and have achieved a variety of things. 

In English, the children started with a fairy tale unit. They received a message written in Chinese tucked inside a Chinese slipper. When the note was translated, it said 'Help me find the princess'. The children deciphered some clues and figured out where in China the princess was from to help the prince find her. We then realised the story was a bit like Cinderella. The children then wrote their own 'rags to riches' tale. In computing they learnt how to create e-books and turned their stories into digital stories. They had to learn how to create digital drawings, record audio, type, add pictures, change fonts and many other skills!

The children also wrote their first explanation texts.