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Year 1 and 2 is taught by Miss H and supported by Mrs Rouse. On a Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Rouse teaches the class.


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Autumn 1 2021

The children have settled well into Emerald class and have had an exciting first term. The children have been developing their reading and have been showing some great coaching in partner work!

In English, the children learnt the Enormous Turnip story which they performed in the Harvest Festival.  They worked  hard to speak clearly and with expression. The children then looked at instruction texts. They modelled how to brush a baby dinosaur's teeth and wrote their own instructions that included their own editing. Here are some examples.


















In maths this term, the children have looked at number and have explored numbers in different ways using different resources.




The children built some amazing houses at home and set fire to them on the playground to help imagine what the Great fire of London would have looked like and factors that made the fire spread. They sequenced the events of the fire, looked at sources and began to think about when the fire was linking it to timelines. The children created their own Great Fire of London scenes.

In art, the children have been learning about printmaking. They looked at stencils and made their own collagraph blocks which they used for rubbings and printing. They were able to choose their materials and after printing, discussed the effectiveness of their block.

In RE, the children have been learning about Baptism in the church and considered the feeling of belonging. Here are some sculptures the children built showing a place they feel welcome. 

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Autumn 2 2021

In English, the children wrote their own poems and then wrote some exciting adventure stories about Spy Fox. Later in the half term, the children looked at posters and found out the features needed to make a poster. They then created information posters on Lenny Henry and posters to advertise the KS1 nativity!


Emerald class and Ruby class had great fun practising and performing the nativity too. This was their first big performance  to a live audience in main classes and they had to be very brave. In music, the children focused on the songs for the show and learnt all about the importance of projecting so the audience can hear clearly.

In geography, the children learnt all about the United Kingdom and it's four countries. We looked at atlases, globes and online maps and researched facts about the different countries and capitals. We looked more closely at London and made some great sculptures of famous landmarks - can you guess what they are?

In DT, we designed and created our own Christmas stockings. This was very tricky as we had to sew round the edge but we were very resilient. Have a look at some that we created!

Geog 3.PNG
Geog 2.PNG
Stocking 2.PNG
Stocking 3.PNG
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2020 - 2021
Summer 2

Emerald class have enjoyed taking part in a wide variety of learning this summer. In English, we looked at the book 'Dear Greenpeace and developed our letter writing skills to write to the WWF about a creature we had found - we hope they reply! We then wrote a letter to one of our class friends and posted it in a stamped envelope in our class post box. We really enjoyed opening our letters! More recently, we have been looking at 'No-bot - the robot with no bottom'. We are looking forward to writing some stories inspired by this book.

It was great taking part in sports and wellbeing week. Each day we took part in mindfulness activities. We created pieces of art, engaged with music and were brilliant team members on sports day. We also took part in an archery workshop!

Emerald class were so lucky to have a Wild Woods session with Mrs Death in Summer 2. We were able to build dens, search for wildlife, climb trees and create a piece of hammered flower art. Miss Heyburn was amazed by the den we made independently - we had to use lots of teamwork.

On Modern Foreign Languages day, we spent time looking at France, Spain, Germany and Japan. We created some artwork of the Eiffel Tower, made Spanish fans ready for our Flamenco dancing, created a German first day of school card and embraced the art of origami which is one of our favourite things to do! We made some incredible Pikachu origami. 

Summer 1:
We have had a brilliant half term of learning. In English we have written some fantastic non-chronological reports. As well as researching facts about different animals, we learnt about the features a non-chronological report has and produced some great pieces of work. We also looked at some of Spike Milligan's nonsense poems and wrote some of our own. 

In PSHE, we have been learning about what makes us special and appreciating our differences. We were so brave because we put on a talent show which meant performing or speaking in front of the whole class!

For design technology, we received a message from some pirates in a bit of trouble! The pirates' lunch kept getting ruined whether from pesky mermaids, seagulls or the giant rolling waves. We had to come up with a design criteria, research existing products, design our own produce and then test and evaluate our work.
Here are some examples!
Lunch box 2.PNG
Lunch box 4.PNG
Lunch box.PNG
Lunch box 3.PNG