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History Curriculum

The aim of teaching and learning in History is to provide children with a chronological knowledge of local, national and global events which develop an understanding of social, religious and cultural change and continuity in a diverse range of people’s lives. This contributes to a growing awareness of a pupil’s own identity and an understanding of the challenges of the modern world. Lessons aim to inspire curiosity to know more about the past and how it shapes the world we live in.


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Victorian Day - Diamond Class

'We learnt about Victorian life, but in a unique and different way!' Y6 pupil

'I loved coming to school dressed as a Victorian, it was interesting to learn about the lessons they had at school and find out which games they played' Y5 pupil. 

Great fire of London - Emerald Class

'We made the houses and set fire to them in the playground!' Y1 pupil

'It showed us how quickly the fire spread' Y2 pupil


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Overview of Teaching and Learning in History

History Long

Term Plan and Knowledge Progression



of skills

History Vocabulary


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