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RUBY CLASS 2023-2024

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Ruby Class is our Early Years Foundation Stage class and is taught by Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Death.


We are supported by Mrs Hambling and Mrs Polley.

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Our EYFS curriculum is strongly influenced by our curriculum drivers: community, communication, opportunities and possibilities and initiative, where the outcome is a cohort of happy, independent, confident and determined learners who are able to communicate effectively, have the ability to think critically, enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas with others and believe that anything is achievable.  The children within our early years provision learn through a range of child initiated play-based opportunities as well as child-led, adult led and independent learning opportunities.

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Welcome to a new academic year in EYFS at Hintlesham and Chattisham CofE Primary School.  We cannot wait to share all of our learning and adventures with you...

Summer Term 2- Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside!


This week we have been busy celebrating dads, practicing for Sports Day and reflecting on the brilliant year we have had in Ruby Class whilst completing our school reports.

Our Drawing Club story was 'Chicken Licken' and we learned the vocabulary words: devoured, crafty, gullible, parading, smirking and hysterical.  More super drawings and magic codes...


This week, we read 'What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside' by Julia Donaldson.  We identified all of the different sea creatures in the story and found out a little more about them using non-fiction texts.  The children each painted a picture and wrote an interesting fact to create a Ruby Class 'Under the Sea' information book.


In maths, we have been practicing comparing quantities and counting carefully.  We have also been working on forming numerals correctly.


In Drawing Club, we have been reading 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson and learning the vocabulary words: traipsing, daydreaming, conversing, abandoned, reunited and celebrating.  Look at our super drawings and magic codes...

Our 'Follow me Friday' session was led by E who is curious about dragonflies.  E has been finding dragonfly larvae (nymphs) in her pond at home and has learned about the life-cycle.  She very kindly collected the shed skins from the reeds and brought one in for each of her friends to look at up close and take home.  She taught us all about the life cycle, that dragonflies are fast fliers and that they can fly in any direction.  We then enjoyed creating dragonfly suncatchers (thank you E's mummy for providing these for us).  What a fascinating session E-thank you!

Summer Term 1-Growing, Life-Cycles and In The Garden 


On Monday, we celebrated 'World Bee Day' by finding out about all the different types of bees and how we can help to protect them.  We enjoyed writing facts and creating bee sun catchers.


In our topic session, we read 'One Child, One Seed-A South African Counting Book' by Kathryn Cave.  We found it really interesting to find out about Nothando's life in a South African village and talked confidently about the similarities and differences to our lives.  


We are still writing super are some from this week...



This week Ruby Class enjoyed reading 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson.  The children enjoyed creating their own ladybirds and using positional language to describe where their ladybird was hiding.

In PSHE, the children enjoyed playing a listening game and talked together about taking turns, listening to each other and accepting we can’t always win.

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In maths, we have been practicing our super subitising skills...


Hadleigh Show Education Tent Artwork

Ruby Class created some super potato printing art to enter into the schools' competition at the Hadleigh Show.  I am pleased to announce that the children were awarded 4th prize-well done everyone!

Our 'Follow me Friday' session was led by L this week who is curious about mountains.  He set us the challenge of finding out whether mountains are taller than volcanoes.  We started by discussing what we already know about mountains and then adding to our knowledge by watching a video and looking in some non-fiction books.  We found out about the earth's crust, how plates under the ground crash into each other to form mountains over millions of years and and how mountains never stop growing.  We then hopped into the Google Earth aeroplane and went on an adventure to Mount Everest, the Rocky Mountains and Ben Nevis.  The children then drew a picture of a mountain or a mountain range and wrote a sentence about something they have learned about mountains.  We concluded the session by finding out about Mauna Kea in Hawaii-a dormant volcano that is TALLER than Mount Everest.



This week we continued to think about life-cycles but this time, the life-cycle of a dandelion.  We were fascinated with the seed head-especially what happens when it is dipped in water.  We looked carefully at the differences between the flower head and the seed head and did some careful observational drawings.


In maths, we have been practicing counting and identifying missing numbers in a sequence or on a number track. 


To celebrate Ipswich Town Football Club's return to the PREMIER LEAGUE, Ruby Class painted portraits of some of the players and the manager to send to Portman Road...we are hoping for a reply!  Morsy and McKenna's men..we're going up again!