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Diamond Class 2023

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Welcome to the Diamond Class website page.

Diamond Class is Year 5 and 6, taught by Miss Self.

We are supported by Mrs Beckett Debanks and Mrs Debanks

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Diamond Class

Long Term Plan

Our PE days in the Autumn Term are Tuesday and Friday.

Please remember to bring in coats and warm layers as the weather gets colder 🥶. 


Our Faith Council members

Our School Council members

Autumn Term 1

It's been a busy start to the school year, in Diamond Class! Here are a few of the activities we have enjoyed so far... 

Residential to Manor Adventure:

We set off on a 4-night residential to Manor Adventure, feeling excited and nervous! While we were there, we tried paddle-boarding, canoeing, axe-throwing, rifle shooting and lots more!
We showed determination, resilience and perseverance during many of the activities. We also worked together as a team to achieve our goals and supported each other throughout, demonstrating patience, kindness and courage. 


Maths and art
We enjoy maths investigations and this term we were excited to take part in a maths lesson that linked with art. Have you ever heard of a cardioid? We hadn't! It is a heart-shaped natural curve that occurs in nature - they can be drawn using times-tables! Here are some examples: 

Letters to Rishi Sunak PM about Climate change

At the start of term, we carried out some research about climate change and the effect it is having on
the world and our lives. We considered what could be done to tackle climate change and wrote to Rishi Sunak PM to offer our suggestions, ahead of his COP 28 meeting in November. We wonder if he will use our ideas 🙂

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