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Diamond Class

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Welcome to the Diamond Class website page.

Diamond Class is Year 5 and 6, taught by Ms Jary on Monday and Tuesday and
Miss Self on Wednesday - Friday.

Mrs Beckett De Banks teaches some afternoons too. 

We are supported by

Mrs De Havilland, Dr Velloso Langton.

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Modern Foreign Languages Day

On MFL day we had an afternoon learning about 2 different languages and their culture. We learnt about Spain and Japan. When we learnt about Spain we had to guess what country we were learning about. Some people thought it was Spain because of the picture of paella and the picture of the famous church called ‘la sagrada familia’. In Spain, with the tomatoes which had been overripe they have a festival where they threw the overripe tomatoes at each other. They basically have a giant tomato food fight. Some people in Spain do flamenco dancing and we got to have a go. For Japan we had a go at origami but it was quite tricky!


Look at some of our exciting learning.. 

Summer Term 2

Visit to Flatford Mill

On Tuesday 6th July we went to Flatford Mill. We went pond dipping and found some creatures. We found pond snails, a water scorpion and a fish. After a long session of pond dipping we went to have lunch. Our second activity was looking at lakes and streams. The lake was too deep to go in but we used some equipment to measure how deep and how fast it was flowing. When we went to the streams we were in groups and we had to measure the width, and then we had to drop a cork in and see how long it took to travel a metre. After our exciting day we went back to the coach and went back to school but some people had wet socks from going too deep in the pond!

Wellbeing Week

On Tuesday 28th June we had our Sports Morning. There were 12 activities and they were all different. There were stickers that you could earn by showing their values. The stickers were: Determination, Teamwork, Respect, Belief and Passion.

We also went into the hall and our teacher, Miss Self, read out a piece of paper about our senses and we had to smell, feel and taste a fruit pastille.

During another activity we had to write nice things about the people at our table. While we were writing we got to have biscuits and juice which was yummy! After we had written the kind things about the people on our table we made a chain and stuck the pieces of paper together then we got to take it home.

We learnt sign language for ‘The Fight Song’ because we weren't allowed to sing due to covid.

Suffolk Minds is a charity that helps people with their minds. They came into school to talk about what they do. We did activities about different needs and breathing, we learnt dragon breathing and we also learnt different things about our mind and how to keep it healthy.


Diamond Class Production

This term we are lucky to be doing a summer production. We are performing Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. It is on Thursday 15th July at 1:20 pm. Classes 1,2 and 3 have been helping to make props. Class 3 is making the cave of wonders ,Class 2 painted the jars. Then Ruby class made the sultan’s throne. We have been rehearsing lots and we hope you enjoy it if you watching it on Zoom. 



In French, we have been learning about pets. Here some French names of pets you might have at home:

A dog - un chien

A cat - un chat

A guinea pig - un cochon d’lnde

A rabbit - un lapin

A tortoise - une tortue

Ms Jary teaches us French.



In English with Miss Self we have been writing a story based on the film clip Alma. This piece of work we are writing up neatly to go in our special writing books. With Ms Jary we are writing a poem based on the tale of the three brothers from Harry Potter.


This half term's blog written by Robert, Sofia, Bella, Lily C and Maya.

Useful links and information:

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DT - Marble Runs
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Design and Technology day!

The challenge was to make a free standing structure that was steady.

Each group made a marble run using a variety of materials and tools.

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Summer Term 1

Number Day 2021