Our School Vision


“Jesus is the light of the world …  we are gems that reflect his light as we learn. “

The Christian Bible talks of God seeing humans as his jewels in the making. 

(Malachi 3:16-17)

Our classes represent precious jewels, every individual sparkling gem, child and adult, has amazing potential.  All are valued, and valuable, as God’s children: his special treasure.  Our Christian Values are embedded in the smoothing and polishing process, as we learn together to become the best we can be.

At Hintlesham and Chattisham Church of England Primary, we follow ‘The Emmanuel Project’ as our scheme of work which:

  • introduces Christianity as the ‘heritage religion’ of the country and the one that most influences our school and community life

  • builds on religions represented among pupils, e.g. different Christian denominations or other major world religions.

  • provides an opportunity to explore major world religions, outside the children’s experience, in order to extend their knowledge and understanding.

RE Statement of Entitlement

RE Policy

Collective Worship Policy

We celebrate major religious festivals throughout the year

Open The Book Assemblies

class 1 diwali
class 1 diwali 2

We found out about the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali. We enjoyed a range of Diwali activities such as chalking Rangoli patterns on the doorsteps to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi. We looked at Mehndi hand patterns using henna dye and we created our own hand patterns. We used used clay to create Diya Lamps to light up our homes. In numeracy we explored a candle mathematical problem solving activity. In literacy, we enjoyed a range of Hindu stories and found out about The Story of Rama and Sita.



christingle making

We enjoyed a whole school assembly, explaining the symbolism of a Christingle. The orange represents the world, the ribbon represents Jesus' blood, the candle reminds us that Jesus is the light of the World, the four cocktail sticks of fruit and sweets remind us of North, East, South and West, the four corners of the World and the harvest and goodness we receive in the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 
We worked with our buddy, to create a Christingle, using the orange we had brought in and we went into a special Christingle Service, where the candles were lit and we sang "Away In A Manger" before we closed our service with a Prayer.


Nativity (1)
Nativity (2)

Throughout the year the children take part in Open the Book Assemblies. Each year group takes turns to tell a story from the bible and perform it to the rest of the school as part of our assembly.

Together Ruby and  Emerald Class, performed our Christmas Nativity. The children enjoyed performing and demonstrated great confidence in their singing, dancing and speaking.

Christmas Dinner

The School Community all got together to celebrate Christmas with a special dinner. Children, staff, volunteers and members of the community all sat down to a delicious meal cooked by our amazing cook Kiara!

Carol Service

epiphany assembley
epiphany crowns
class 1 epiphany


The school performed a carol service for the parents and community. 

There was a reading of the Nativity story and we sang a number of carols together with the congregation. Reverend Jackson entertained us with his teachings and led us on prayer.

The children were invited to come to school wearing crowns, to celebrate Epiphany. We had two special Epiphany assemblies to find out about the 3 Kings who visited baby Jesus. We discovered how Epiphany is celebrated around the World. In France they eat a Galette de Rois with a hidden trinket inside and lucky person with it in their slice becomes King for the day! In Spain, shoes are put on balconies on Epiphany Eve and are filled with sweets and chocolate. In Bavaria, children go around houses singing Three Kings songs and carols and receive money, sweets and biscuits.  

Candlemas Service

The whole school visited St Nicholas Church for a special service for Candlemas. We sang hymns, carried out readings and said a prayer.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral (2)
St Edmundsbury Cathedral (5)
St Edmundsbury Cathedral (3)
St Edmundsbury Cathedral (1)
St Edmundsbury Cathedral (4)
st eds cathedral

St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Ruby and Emerald Class went on a coach to St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, to enjoy a Parables Day. The three parables which we studied were, The Lost Sheep, The Lost Son and The Good Samaritan. Each group enjoyed the reflective storytelling of each parable, using a story board cloth, wooden natural figures and artefacts from the parable.

each group enjoyed a Cathedral Trail, looking for signs of Father, Friend or Helper. We observed the font, the Bishop's throne, the stained glass windows, the Eagle, the statue of Jesus by Elizabeth Frink and the angels on the roof. 
At the end of our Parables Day, we reflected on the three parables and sang the song "Jesus' love is very wonderful" using a variety of musical instruments.

cny story
dragon dance cny
cny story

Chinese New Year

The children in Ruby Class celebrated Chinese New Year by participating in a range of exciting activities to find out about Chinese culture and customs. First of all we listened to a Chinese Story in Guided Reading then acted out the Chinese Zodiac Story. The children played the parts of the animals having a race across the water and performed it in Assembly.

We did Dragon Dancing in the hall, alternating between the dancing and playing the musical instruments. We also decorated Lucky Wallets and filled them with money. Chinese people give these to their children at Chinese New Year. We learnt about the story of the Willow Pattern and made Chinese lanterns and fans. We counted to ten in Mandarin and wrote the numbers to ten. Finally the whole class contributed to a pig collage calendar for the Year of the Pig.

shrove tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

We found out about the Christian celebration, Shrove Tuesday and learnt about Lent and the period leading up to Easter Day. We listened to different stories such as the German folk tale, "The Runaway Pancake." 

We role played being at a Pancake Parlour, ordering different pancakes with different toppings and prices. We used real money to pay for our pancake order.

Dr Soni's Visit

During Wellbeing Week, our visitor Dr Sushil Soni from Ipswich Hindu Samaj, explained what spiritual well-being means to him. 
First he greeted us with a namaste greeting, with his hands clasped together.

Next he led us in a deep breathing exercise, saying, "aum" as a form of meditation. He explained that meditation is one of the 4 pillars of Hinduism.

Lastly, he explained a Prayer for Peace, which highlights the importance of duty to your Parents, bringing happiness to everyone and peace to us all. It was a very interesting assembly, helping us to gain a further understanding of spiritual well-being.

Ariyanivata's Visit

During Well-being Week, Ariyanivata from the Ipswich Buddhist Centre, came to talk about well-being. He spoke about the importance of being comfortable, happy and healthy. 
He spoke about the importance of kindness within ourselves and kindness shown towards others. He said that friendship is really important; being a good friend and having good friends.

Next, he said that we should show gratitude and be grateful for what we have got. He liked that the countryside and nature was good for our well-being too.

Lastly we discussed ways of slowing down and being calm. Ariyanivata showed us a Singing Bowl and we listened in silence as the sound faded. 

The Creation Story

To engage with the idea of a wonderful world which needs care. 
To enquire into the idea that humans are called by God to be caretakers of the world he has made. 
In Guided reading, Ruby Class shared the story of The Creation. They looked at different paintings of the Creation Story and wrote about what they noticed in the art work. Next they used an empty builders tray and discussed what would be included if they were to create a model of the world. Ruby Class made their own version of The Creation Story, using small world play and natural objects.

Praise Pebbles

The whole school created Praise Pebbles during the half term holiday. They thought about religious symbols and values which were important to them. They have been placed in our Rainbow Garden and Spiritual Reflection Area outside.

Eucharist Workshop

Diamond Class went to St Nicholas Church for a workshop all about Eucharist held by the Discovery Team.

The workshop was split into three sessions, each of which represented the hands, the heart and the head. 

The head represented remembering. The children remembered the story of the Last Supper.

The hands represented doing. The children found out about Christian charities and being thankful.

The heart represented the celebration. The children found out about the communion service.

At the end they played instruments and sang a thankful song to show how music is a good way to celebrate and share our thoughts and feelings.

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